Saturday, September 1, 2012

Yes, I AM peevish, thanks for asking

I'm pet peeving it today, and there are plenty, what with school starting for both the little darlings and my job.  I will try to keep the list light.

To My Kids' Teachers/Principals:
  • BEFORE putting out the supply list, I beg of you, TALK to each other and determine what is needed.  I shouldn't have to run around to three stores and spend a small fortune on four (specifically noted on the supply list) 3-subject notebooks, only to find NOT ONE TEACHER WANTS THEM, and they ALL want the 1-subject notebooks I purchased for $.17.
  • When scheduling classes, keep in mind the three minutes they get to move from place to place--and maybe, oh, I don't know, PEE--and stop putting them in a back and forth from one end of the earth to the other trajectory.  When tardies start on Tuesday, after having had to do my son's schedule at open house, I WILL be writing fun and pithy notes back if I get tardy slips for my kid.
  • Don't use the open house time to showcase fun stuff our parent organization has bought that you like.  Yeah, smartboards are cool and all, but I don't need a demo.  Far more important is how you see my kids as individuals and how YOU interact with them, not the board.  I'm not so easily placated as an 11 year old. 
To MY Students:
  • Don't ask me for an extension because "the bookstore gave me the wrong book." The syllabus was up for two weeks.  Yes, mistakes happen, but it's YOUR class.  That means the responsibility falls upon you to double check.  This is not the clerk's class.  You are the one getting the grade.  Even if you couldn't swap it out in time, I've got a copy on reserve in the library.  The assignment has been up for almost two weeks.  If you wait until the last day to do it, you'll run into some issues.
  • I am not a miracle worker, nor am I grading scantrons here.  If an assignment closed the day before, you need to WAIT to get your grade.  Even if you completed it on the first day it was open (Good for you!  Keep it up!), I have to wait until the due date has passed to grade items.  Writing, and the grading of writing, takes thought, consideration, and contemplation.  I need more than 24 hours, yo.
  • Along the same lines, I promise to return emails within 24 hours.  Please STOP acting like I'm derelict in my duties if I don't get back to you in 15 minutes.  Sending three emails in 12 hours asking why I haven't responded and demanding a response is not cool.  I have a life, and it doesn't revolve around YOU.  Would you like me to assign something and say it has to be done in one hour?  NO, you wouldn't!  Give me the same consideration.
I think that covers it for now.  Stay tuned, though.  The year is young.

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