Sunday, September 2, 2012

Stupid is nothing

Oh my, do we have a stunning example of stupid today!  If you're a local, you've seen this recent story.  If you're not, OH you've missed some good stuff.  The Chicago Sun-Times actually had a page and a half spread on Bryan Craig's story, which really does the whole sordid situation justice.

Just to recap, this man, recently a high school counselor and girls' basketball coach, self-published a book on sex.  Let's be clear.  This isn't a bodice-ripper romance where sex was intermittently introduced, nor was it even a "how to make relationships better" kind of book where sex was a subject.  This book was about how to bed women, including such fun discussions as why men need a partner "just for sex" as a "release" and pages of in-depth reporting on how the texture of women's vaginas differ, based on race.  He also rates races of women by "hotness" scores.  In short, it's 44 pages of nonsense, wrapped in crap, with an are-you-freaking-kidding-me bow.  I thought of every loser misogynistic date I ever had and pondered the personal hell that must be his wife's life.

Mr. Craig resigned from his position as coach, and he's on paid leave pending an investigation.  Lawyers for the district, rightfully aware there could be legal implications leading from this publication, are running around touting the fact that Bryan Craig has a right to free speech, which I absolutely agree with.  Mr. Craig has EVERY right to spout whatever idiotic crap that runs through his head if he so chooses, but that doesn't mean I have to want him near my daughter.

And that's where the rub is for me.  It's not in this article I've posted, but in other print articles it states that not only does Bryan Craig identify he's worked for the school district and the Department of Children and Family Services in a biographical sort of way, but he references those positions, as well as his coaching position as giving him insight into the female psyche.  That's where you lose me on free speech, Mr. Craig.  If you're saying that you've counseled women in ways to "take charge" of their relationships, meaning with sex, and you're saying that in the book, that means those work situations informed and influenced your writing.  By extension, that means your writing informs and influences your work.  Here's where I start to get that icky feeling.  Bryan Craig works with young, impressionable males and females.  While none are my kids, I don't want him telling ANY child that they need to be promiscuous prior to marriage, or that men and women should maintain five partners simultaneously for different purposes, all of which are pieces of advice from his book.  I mean really, could I MAKE this stuff up?!

Legally, we'll see where this goes from here.  I hope, even if by the letter of the law, Mr. Craig is allowed to remain in his position, the district realizes the protection of the children is what's most important.  Then Mr. Craig can go from part time to full time at his other job--bouncer for a strip club.  Again, NOT kidding.

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