Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spooky stuff

Some in my family are said to have "the touch" which means we have a low to mid level of psychic ability.  I'm not running off to join that housewife in Jersey who has her own show or anything, but I definitely have something I don't understand going on.  As a kid, I remember having imaginary friends that seemed awfully "solid" to me, and I often told my mom certain people "glowed" with different colors.  As an adult, I seem to know people's first names before I'm introduced to them with terrific accuracy, and as a waitress, I can't even count the number of times I brought out a dish and customers would tell me it was the wrong one, but that was ok, because they couldn't decide between what they'd ordered and what I'd brought.  The most jarring instances for me today are when I can sense someone is ill.  I don't have any control over it, I just get a palatable feeling that people are sick.  I shrug it off, but nine times out of ten, I'll later find that person has been fighting some serious illness for quite some time.

I mention all this, because I know my son has inherited some of this.  Even though my mom passed away when he was only three months old, he would often as a toddler talk about how Grammy had come in to talk to him, and I remember hearing him babble often in his room.  In some ways, I thought nothing of it, until he mentioned an aunt who had also passed away who I wasn't particularly close to.  There's no way I'd ever have mentioned her, yet he knew her by name.

One of the most striking events that showed me psychic energy is a real thing was after the young man from my last post had died.  My son had just turned five, and we often talked about this young man, especially right before we'd go to his home.  I wanted my son to understand why he wouldn't see his buddy and if he had questions, I preferred to answer them.  Once, while I was going through this, Cubby said to me, "Mom, you say I won't get to see him anymore, but he comes to see me all the time."  I was lucky to choke out a "what now?" before Cubby went on to tell me that this young man came to him every night, sat on his bed, talked about video games, various superheroes, airplanes, and all my son's favorite things. I sort of reserved me judgment, thinking maybe there was a good helping of wishful thinking in there. 

Cubby came to me very sad one day and said to me that this young man had come to him and told him two important things.  One was that he didn't want Cubby playing with guns, and that he should never ever touch a gun without an adult around.  While I knew this young man had used a handgun to end his life, there's NO way Cubby would have.  It's only in the last year I've told him that fact.  The other thing was that Cubby wouldn't be seeing this young man anymore, because his grandfather needed his company, and he had to go be with him, but he told Cubby to remember him.  What I knew, but Cubby didn't, was that this young man's grandfather had passed away from cancer very recently.

Do I believe in psychics?  You bet, and not just because that's a great memory for my son to have.

Any times you've known something there was no way you could have?  Any times you've felt someone's presence near you?  Let's save the scary ones for Halloween.

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