Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My cause wasn't good enough

I've got a Trader Joe's in my neighborhood. Great place, love a ton of stuff there, but I don't go there often because it doesn't have everything I need, and it is a pricier option for some items that my family would inhale without thinking.

Lately, though, I've been at TJ's more often, because we've had two markets near me close. Even if I only need a few items, like today, I'd have to go further and wait in long lines. Going to TJ's more often, I've noticed the clientele has taken a decidedly hoi polloi if you will. I mean, we recycle, walk places more, etc., but, no, I haven't started a compost pile, and I don't think less (or more) of people who do.

I happened to be wearing a shirt that said "Save the World, it's the only Planet with Girl Scout Cookies." it's supposed to be cute, supporting girl scouts and giving a kick for recycling too. It's not my rally cry or anything. If you've been to TJ's, the staff are VERy nice and always chat people up. My checkout person saw the "save the world" part and made a big deal of stopping and reading my shirt. At first, she was smiling, then it kind of dropped away, she started an eye roll but realized I was watching her face, so she went with stammering instead.

At the time, I was concentrated on getting home, but now I'm more annoyed. I mean, sorry I'm not in the "cool" causes, sorry I defiled the sacred cause of recycling by trumping it with Girl Scout cookies.

Can't our causes all just get along?

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