Thursday, October 10, 2013

We Will ALL Work for Her Some Day

In fourth grade financial news, my daughter Brownie is building her empire.  She's already the saver in the house, and once she stops telling her brother where she hides her money stash, it's going to show some real growth.

Last weekend, I had one of my Origami Owl jewelry bars, and Megan came with me, handing out catalogs and order forms, helping people make lockets.  One of the women present was complaining about having to get the new hot kid item, the Rainbow Loom.  If you don't know what this is, grab a kid age 8-14 and ask.  You'll learn more than you ever wanted to know.  They're sold at Michael's and other stores.  The main complaint of parents is Michael's won't allow use of their 40% off coupon on this item.  They buy it anyway, and their second complaint is "how do you MAKE these &$#!*@ things?!" Then they are sent to youtube by parents in the know.

This mom found out Brownie knew how to make these horrific little things, sent her daughter down to her house to get the loom, and Megan taught two girls how to make them.  Fast forward a couple days, and my kitchen has been overrun with these accursed bands, as she taught her brother how to make them too.

Hubbster asks me yesterday if I saw the notebook on the table.  I had not.  Apparently, it had about eight names with colors listed next to them and $2 next to each one.  It seems Brownie is making and SELLING these things at school to kids who can't figure it out.  I asked why she didn't teach them to make them like she'd taught others.  She leveled me with a look and said, "then they won't PAY, Mom" and rolled her eyes at me.

Whenever she's taking applications, I'm putting mine in.