Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hopped in the way back machine today

I was driving to work and an idle comment from a radio DJ filled my head with memories.  A song was just ending, and the DJ noted that the upcoming song was from 1988, and she was sure many were saving for CD players then, because that was the hot new thing.

Oh!  The flood!

Near the close of 1988, I was partially through my junior year at North Central College in Naperville, IL.  At NCC, I was an on-air DJ for their award winning radio station, WONC.  We'd recently changed formats to more rock, no pop stuff, and I was often taking various forms of music and putting them onto cartridges to play in the studio.  Oh, the music that was new then that I was getting to jam out to!  You BET I was saving up to get a CD player.  I've always been an electronics freak when they meet up with music.

I can even remember when I bought my first CD player.  I was with one of my then (and still) besties as I dragged her to not one but TWO Marshall Field's locations.  On the day after Thanksgiving Black Friday sales because the first location was out.  Yes, she helped beat back greedy crowds at two locations just for me (remember, Bethie?).  Of course, she was staying at my house since she was from Florida, so she was kind of captive.

I know one of the CDs I bought that day was Melissa Etheridge's Bring Me Some Water.  I don't remember the others.  I'll have to think about it more.

Now?  My kids only know CDs play in our vehicles.  They have their own ipods, and I share with them my 18 gig library of music, much of which was born of my 350 CD collection.  I'm not buying discs now, though.  I wonder what songs they'll remember that shaped their music appreciation.


  1. I too am sharing my love of music with my girls, especially my geeky love of '80's pop!
    My Ginger is hooked on Queen (my fav band from that era)as well as other bands from the 70's and 80's. Is it bad i'm secretly proud and happy that we share the same musical tastes??
    The Ginger defiantly states that she's bored with today's music and their same 3 chords...sound familiar?!? Now that's a blast from my past..i know i touted that line as a 15 year old!

  2. I'm proud too when the girl asks for Tom Petty instead of whatever schlock is on the pop station. Some of it is catchy, but mostly it just goes on too long, lol.

    Yeah, I was oh so superior about my musical tastes back in the day. Hmm, still am. There's some good alternative stuff out there, but the pop and rap stars need to stop. stealing. my. music. and create something original!