Friday, April 10, 2015

My Poor Boy is Oblivious

I've mentioned in multiple places that Brett is growing weed-like, topping my height of 5'5" a few months ago and will, I'm sure, close in on his dad's 6'2" with alarming speed. His shoulders have broadened in the last year too, and even though his 14th birthday just happened, he's definitely got more of a "guy" look these days.

Megan and I had other plans yesterday for her birthday, Scott was at work, so Brett and Uncle Bob were off to do "manly things." Apparently, "manly things" include eating at Taco Bell. I was told when they walked in, Uncle Bob excused himself to wash his hands, leaving Brett to lean against a counter and wait. Apparently, the girl behind the counter looked him up and down and asked "you work at Gamestop, don't you?"

When telling this tale, Brett thought she asked this question because he was wearing a Call of Duty t-shirt. Right. He responded with "no, I'm only 14." Uncle Bob came out just in time to hear the girl make a "pffft" sound and turn away.

I tried to tell him I know what that was. That's what we call "an opening." Brett wanted to know and opening for what.

Dear God, please keep him clueless for four, five more years, tops.