Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Raining Chips!

Our kids' school district, since not long after we started with them, has been making "healthy eating" a big deal.  I put that in quotation marks, because if you look closely, there are conflicting messages.  Like they had early on banned "dark soda and juices" but clear soda was ok at parties.  That's a cleaning issue and has nothing to do with health at ALL. They don't allow chips brought in from home for snack time, but they sell baked chips in the lunch line, along with fries and other junk in the junior high. I was totally with them, until I discovered this. Up to that point, I, who always made sure my kids had fruit and healthy options anyway, was very rigid about not even the occasional bag of chips.  Now, I'm letting them take chips sometimes.

In light of this, and the fact I had to do a speed grocery dash the other day, in a moment of less than stellar judgment, I purchased one of those large bags with the smaller bags of chips in them.  It was on sale, and like I said SPEED shopping day, what can I say? Obviously, the kids were nearly hailing my virtues in the streets. They do know once this is gone, that's it for a while.

To avoid all conflict in the a.m., I've imposed the put your hand in, what you take out is yours rule. It's worked thus far, but this morning, the big bag was on top of our tall cabinet, where my 6'2" husband (I'm 5'4") likes to put things.  Normally, if they aren't everyday items, that's cool, I just have him come and get the item as needed.  But with his recent injury and EPIC baby complaining status, that could not be done. So I wheedled the edge of the bag I could reach until chips almost fell down.  That's when I came up with the whatever falls is yours rule. 

Brett was actually saying "come ON, cheese curls!" I think I'm in trouble.

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