Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Too Much Pressure

There was a baptism at church this past Sunday.  I love when those happen.  Gorgeous, squishy, unpredictable babies with a captive audience, really, what could be better? This Sunday one of the deacons who had a part in the ceremony was doubly pleased, as it was her grandson being baptized, and she was veritably oozing joy. Oh, and there was CAKE during fellowship time! All in all, it was a nice day.

And then the godparents came up. . . I wasn't clear on the relationship, but one part of the couple was related to the dad of the squishy gorgeous baby.  I hope it was the husband, because if the poor guy was related to the wife, I pity him.  See, this woman was the kind I think should be sequestered from the rest of us.  She was wearing a lovely aqua colored dress, all good.  Then I noticed that all three of her boys had on aqua colored shorts and MATCHING aqua/blue/white plaid shirts.  The aqua in the shirts matched her aqua perfectly. Ahem.  Ok, ok, all boys were under 5, youngest about 18ish months, so matching shirts in that age range wouldn't be a huge feat.  Then the husband turned around. His dress shirt was aqua (naturally) and his tie. matched. the. plaid. of. the. boys'. shirts. Dear God!

When my TWO kids were under five, I was lucky if we got out of the house on time and alive for any occasion.  This woman not only color coordinated but actually fabric coordinated FIVE members of the family.  I'm shocked she didn't have a matching belt in plaid.  I know saying these people should be shot is strong, but maybe we should just maim them, as a warning, because NO ONE needs that kind of pressure on a lovely spring day.  Or EVER, really. It just contributes to some mom bursting into tears over tomato or chicken noodle soup (been there).  Moms should be satisfied with whatever level of perfection they can achieve, even if that perfection includes sticky countertops and clutter aplenty.

Those who think I'm being unjust, just remember, she's already BRED!

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