Tuesday, April 1, 2014

That One Took Me a While

I'm not one to believe in coincidence.  I think the Universe or God or ghosts or whatever way you want to think about it, sees us and drops us little things in our paths to make us feel closer and more in tune to the symphony that is the world and those we've lost.

Megan has, since she was less than two, named every single doll, bear, stuffy with a variation of the name "Rose." We've got them all, Rose, Rosie, Rosalinda, Rosamund, Rosalie, many twice and three times over.  It gets confusing. While we've talked her into a few different names, just for our sanity in knowing which precious she's referring to, she keeps coming back to Rose. Even now that she writes stories, at least one character is named Rose.

We've long pondered where it came from. Does she have a new friend named this? Is there a new character on the show of choice who's named this? We never could figure it out. But I think I did today, and it made me cry. I was putting lotion on, and without any real frame of reference, Megan said she liked my tattoo.  I have a tattoo of a rose with a very specific color on my calf for my grandma. I worried the guy to death, because I said it HAD to match the photograph of a rose on my wall exactly.

My grandma grew things. She grew orchids and geraniums and vegetables, but she loved roses.  Tropicana, Hope, Queen Elizabeth, Lucerne, were only some of the varieties that graced her yard.  Her absolute favorite, though, was the Doctor rose.  My grandfather was a doctor, and she had her neighbor, a photographer by trade, come and take a picture of it in full bloom. It was blown up, and it's hung in every place I've lived since she passed away. Megan's middle name is Frances, for my grandma. It makes perfect sense that she would whisper in Megan's ear, influence her, and always try to be with her, just as she's with me every day.

So even though knowing where our Rose avalanche comes from made me cry, it also warmed me to think Megan always has my grandma with her.

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