Monday, April 14, 2014

Diva in the House!

Today is Megan's 10th birthday! She is my diva.  While I love her, she makes me glad I have a boy and a girl, because two of her in the house might actually make the walls fall down.  She is full of life and love and tragedy and comedy--all within the space of an hour.  People think I exaggerate that she was a diva from the moment she was born.  I'm not, not at all.

Since I'd had an emergency C-section with Brett, it was always an option with Megan, but my doctor was very supportive, telling me I didn't necessarily need another C-section, but the ultimate decision was based on a number of factors to be assessed very close to my due date.  All was on track for a regular old birth, when my diva shifted, and oh I felt it.  It was in the middle of the night, when I was not quite three weeks from my due date. She shifted completely so she was SIDEWAYS! Butt on my left side, head on my right. They tried lots of turning, nothing.  Went to a chiropractor who said she had good luck with turning babies, nothing. C-section it was. Did I mention DIVA?

Because it was a planned C-section, I have to admit, I was far more energetic afterwards.  Not going through 20 hours of labor first will do that to you.  I was back home within two days, and the fun really began.  I nursed both my kids over a year, so I was pretty prepared (I thought) for the intensity of the next couple weeks. Where Brett had given me longer stretches to sleep, shower, think, Megan was a snack for 10 minutes, then I'll let you know in 20 or 30 minutes when I want to eat again. This went on for weeks. 

Add to the fun, I had a three year old who got up every morning at 5, and a husband who could only take one week off of work to help. Oh, and did I mention she wouldn't sleep in the bassinet? Or in between us in our bed? No, Megan would only sleep on Scott's side of the bed, without him in it.  He started to complain once that I was relegating him to the guest room, when, in my best demon from hell voice, I reminded him it was the ONLY. way. she. slept. and I'd been up for 28 hours straight trying to change her mind. He moved to the then guest room without a backward glance. I was up to three hours of sleep a night! Woo-hoo! I also taught Brett how to turn on the TV in the basement, told him there was a sippy cup of milk and a piece of cheese in the fridge, let mom sleep a little more.  Another hour and a half added!

To sum up, she's been making up follow her lead since she was only a few days old, and it hasn't really stopped. Anytime we go anywhere, she's got them eating out of her hands. I can't count the number of times we've say, gone to the eye doctor, and I'm in with Brett, come out and she's helping the gal check in glasses and put away things. Or the time we were at the VFW for a Girl Scout flag ceremony, I ran to my car for something, and I come back to one of the officers letting her sell the 50/50 raffle tickets. She blows my mind with how she gets people to do things that she wants to do. I'm telling you, we will all be working for her one day.

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