Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I'm tired!

I'm SO tired and jealous of all these great pics of their kids' first day of school.  Know why?  Mine are still HOME!  That's right, we don't start until Monday the 26th round here, and I have officially thrown in the towel.  I'm not cleaning anymore, because they're just standing behind me ready to make another mess.  I'm not cooking anymore, because everyone whines about what's for dinner and asks to "pick up" disgusting alternatives instead.  I won't even discuss the fights over computer, TV, IPad, Xbox, air they are breathing.

We've had our fun, including multiple weeks of camp, one in which they were BOTH gone, thank you, Jesus, but if you ask the kids, we've done nothing but keep them from awesome activities that would bankrupt a lottery winner they SWEAR their friends are doing.

While I've tried to get them back into the bedtime routine, they insist on living like frat boys.  All I can say is teachers, I'm sorry, but they will be BEASTLY the first week.  Good luck with that. I'm thinking of creating a fictional event that takes me away from home next week.  Shhh, don't tell my husband.

The dog has become my favorite mammal in the house.

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