Friday, August 30, 2013

Is Cubby going into the secret service?

You know the mountain of paperwork that gets sent home at the beginning of every school year?  The stack that has all the contact info for your family, and they ask if there are siblings, who has custody, and so forth?  I was looking in Cubby's stack for 7th grade.  I think they should have a question regarding how often my 7th grader loses his mind, but that's not mine to say.

A few of the questions, he'd already filled out, such as his name, his parents' names, his address, and his desired nickname.  Know what it was?  Chris.  His chosen nickname is Chris.  Problem is, his first name isn't even Christopher.  That's his MIDDLE name.  So he's essentially told a bunch of people who don't know him not to use the name his father and I gave him, but to call him a mini version of his middle name.

When teachers hand out this sheet, I'm sure they see it as a fun opportunity to get kids involved with telling about themselves.  MY son chose to use it as an opportunity to try out a new alias.  I wonder if he's done something heinous enough that we all need to enter the witness protection program.

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