Friday, August 23, 2013

My husband is weird

I think most wives know their husbands have weird little quirks.  Heck, at one time we thought they were ADORABLE, even. With mine out of work coming up on 11 months, well, I'm seeing way too much of him. WAY too much. Or maybe I'm just tired of the kids AND my husband being constantly around.  I need the Fall semester to begin so I can talk to some adults I'm not related or married to on a daily basis.

With Hubby home more, he's watching more TV, specifically sports, which, granted, he had a high tolerance for to begin with.  The side effect is I, who really can take or leave (mostly leave) anything but basketball, and even that requires a team I really want to watch, I never. want. to. see. another. sporting. event. as. long. as. I. live.  So I realize that my saying he's been "watching a lot of sports lately" carries little to no weight.  BUT! I find him watching odd things that he's usually not even into, like golf.  I can't remember the last time he picked up a club and went to a course--which is ok by me, that sport is wicked money just walking out the door--and played.  But he'll watch it "when nothing else is on" he says.  Or I could even understand a little beach volleyball with nubile cuties playing.  That serves a purpose I can get behind. 

But I've caught him recently on more than one occasion watching the World Series. . . of Little League.  That's right, Little League, as in children playing.  First, why is this sport even televised?  It's a KID'S game! Way to blow something out of proportion, crazy sports parents! Because you just KNOW this idea was spearheaded by some parents who were all, "but Muffin's NANA can't COME to the game, and it's such a big DEAL, and wouldn't it be GREAT if it were on TV?!" Second, why is anyone who is not a blood relation of the people playing interested? I can barely hold interest for my own kids' activities.  Now I should care about strangers?  Um, no.

So explain to me, people, why he's watching this drivel.  I don't get it.  Meanwhile, the "honey do" list keeps getting longer.

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