Sunday, July 14, 2013

I've become my grandmother

You know all those little things you noticed about your parent or grandparents that seemed at the time, well, odd?  You vowed never to do those things, again, because they were odd.

Today, I caught myself doing one of those things. I was reading the obituaries in the paper.  No one I know has died.  There's no reason for me to read the obituaries, but I did.  From A-Z.  It's something I used to watch my grandma do.  She'd cluck and coo over the reasons people died, how young--or old--they were, if they left kids behind, what they did for a living.  It was like a cosmic sort of "Here's Your Life" with strangers. 

I found myself doing the same thing today.  Ugh.

Something weird did come through, though.  I saw many, many pictures with the obituaries, which isn't terribly new, but I have noticed many people's relatives put, well, NOT recent pictures of their loved ones in.  I mean, the Navy graduation is nice, but if it was taken DURING a war, it probably doesn't resemble who the person was in the present day, know what I mean?  I don't get it.  Maybe if I wait a few years, I will.

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