Monday, June 10, 2013

In Line at Walmart

Last weekend was a parade in our community that my kids have always walked in with various organizations they are part of.  This year, Cubby marched in the junior high band for the first time (sniff!) and Brownie walked with our Girl Scout service unit.  Only a couple weeks prior to the start of the parade, the person in charge of getting candy to throw at the crowd, water for participants, and badges for the girls had family issues and I stepped up to take care of things.  All this led to my presence in Walmart on a Saturday night with two carts full of candy and bottled water with the slowest checker in the world (that's a WHOLE other post).

As we waited, the kids started to argue, as they will if they are unamused and left to their own devices for longer than two minutes.  Like I said, I had two overflowing carts and was negotiating a peace treaty with hostile parties when I spied an annoyed looking woman in her 20s behind my squabbling kids.  Saturday night, pretty girl in jammie pants and sweatshirt.  Hmm.  I looked in her cart surreptitiously.  Two packages of double chocolate cookies, pint of Ben & Jerry's, biggest bottle of vodka I've ever seen, People magazine, and a large package of feminine hygiene products. 

I smiled to myself and wondered if I should make her suffer behind us for now so she'd be thankful for that time of the month in the long run or let her go ahead of my squabblers and me.  I decided in the interest of all our safety to shoo her ahead.  She smiled, then went back to surly looking, but I'm not judging.  Some days, that's all there is to give.

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