Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Job is not a Job

As things get more and more dire with Hubbster's employment situation, we can't help but have discussion of job search related issues enter into our daily conversation. The kids obviously know their dad is out of work, but Brownie hasn't quite grasped that all jobs aren't equal. 

We had a friend of Brownie's over and needed to drop her off at her daycare, which happens to be in a strip mall. Also in the strip mall is a bridal shop with a rather large sign saying "Help Wanted" in the window. Brownie immediately got excited and said "Mom! Mom! They need people! Dad should work THERE!"

It took all I had not to laugh, imagining my hulk of a husband who barely owns dress up clothes of his own giving style advice to young brides.  Although Brownie would want to visit him every day at work. 

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