Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Who says I don't need an iphone?

Ok, this isn't a debate about droid (sucks!) vs. iphone (heaven!).  Really, it's not.  I just had one of those days when I realized this handy little iphone that I couldn't have cared less about four years ago knocked at least three hours off my schedule of running errands and put a big check in my productivity column.

What I accomplished today:
  • Added and calculated amounts for something I needed to buy for Girl Scouts, and I used my iphone because the THREE calculators in this house are, of course, all missing.
  • Received the email saying what I needed to pick up was in at the Girl Scout office, even though I was on my way out the door to drop of the boy at his library volunteering.
  • Able to check hours of operation for destination.
  • Found directions to drop off paperwork for the boy's summer Boy Scout camp, even though the subdivision in question is notoriously convoluted AND the house number was entirely missing (not good planning on home owner/Boy Scout volunteer's part, but not part of this post).
  • Received a call from my job on money that was not included in my last pay, leading into. . .
  • I was able to save the number, since it was her direct extension, which is never given out.
  • Able to use voice recognition so I didn't have to look up a colleague's number who is also teaching this summer to tell her to look up her status after talking to gal above.
  • Having my whole address book and not having to look stuff up is about the best thing ever, as I'm not one to remember numbers at ALL.
  • While I was at GS council, in an area with cheaper gas, I was able to find the closest and cheapest using the Gas Buddy app.
  • Received text from boy to pick him up.
  • Was able to text boy when he wasn't in front to move. his. behind.
I swear, that right there was a morning, not a whole day.  This part of technology, I love.

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