Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I'm just a little afraid

Cubby came home today and said our local library had come to his school today to encourage participation in the annual summer reading program and remind them that this summer, since they'd technically be in 7th grade, they could volunteer at the library.

Immediately after he told me this, he got online and signed up as a volunteer.  Then he wanted to go to the library (which isn't REALLY unusual, but it's mostly to play games of the video and board variety with people). As I dropped him off, I asked what he wanted to do at the library, mostly trying to get through to him that he wouldn't be there for fun and giggles but to really help.  He said he could sign people into the computers or shelve books (he's known how since the age of five, price for being the kid of an English professor who also worked for a major library management software provider) or help with game days.

Again, I reminded him this wasn't about his fun level, and I asked why he wanted to do this. He said, and I quote, "well, other than Boy Scout camp, all I'll really be doing this summer is playing video games and playing video games with friends.  I might as well do something useful."

(Crickets. . . )

"Ok!  Good for you!" 

Could it be? Could the lifelong lessons FINALLY be kicking in? Could he be thinking of others?

Then he added "plus, if we volunteer the whole summer, there's a pizza and ice cream party at the end!"

Hopes. Dashed.

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