Sunday, August 12, 2012

On the technology front

In my unending support of technology for all, I've apparently tossed my children into this stuff headfirst, and here's evidence.

This summer I took on a last minute workshop class that meets for two hours a day, four days a week.  Because my husband works nights, and the kids aren't babies anymore, I said yes to it.  Their dad is there if they need him, but they aren't supposed to wake him, except for lunch and bleeding emergencies.  This was similar to my upbringing, so I knew they could do it. 

The boy, he's good with the rules.  The girl, she likes to use my husband's cell phone to call/text my cell with inane questions or requests, mostly in the "can I have a chocolate bar for a snack?" or "can friend who is a known ball of trouble and currently banned from our home come over?" realms.  I ignore such requests until class is over.

Last week, she and I had a battle over the hoarder state of her room.  She was on lockdown--no friends, no electronics, no fun whatsoever, until said room was in an enterable state--until I returned.  As I was walking out of class, my text tone went off (R2D2 sounds, if you're interested) and I found three videos showing me that her room was, indeed, cleaned.  Then a text requesting to be released from lockdown status.  She's 8, remember.

I laughed myself silly that she did this, but the funniest part, and what led to further lockdown, was that she didn't realize in the background of one of the videos, it was evident her queen-sized bed (don't ask, don't judge) was filled with what had previously been all over the floor.  Evidently, to my little hoarder, "clean" means "move to a different location."  Luckily, she hasn't grasped the concept of camera angles yet.

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