Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hide the Jellybeans!

Our miniature chocolate poodle has long had a serious Jones for Tootsie Pops. No other kind of sucker, just Tootsie Pops. If the kids have them in their back packs for some reason, I've watched him gingerly unzip the pack and ferret around until he finds the pop. He then takes it into the living room, on a particular couch, his "treat spot" to devour his ill-gotten goods. I've cut him major slack, since the only other thing he likes to chew is writing utensils, which the kids used to leave lying on the floor. It was Coco and his chewing, not me, who broke them of that habit. 

I think we've found a new addiction. Megan has been building this "sculpture" in the kitchen that is a couple feet high and culminates in an empty water bottle with random bits of Easter candy. She has said it's "for Mother's Day" (dear God!) and I'm not allowed near it. It fell today, could have told you that would happen, oh wait, I DID say that would happen. Jelly beans everywhere! Even I am not that much of a lazy housekeeper to ignore, but school gets out in just over an hour, so I decided to make Megan clean it up. 

Coco, however, who has never shown an interest in Jellybeans before, is delicately picking up a jellybean, taking it to his treat spot, spitting it out to inspect, sniff, and generally observe, before chewing it up with gusto. Rinse and repeat. They may be gone by the time she gets home. 

Should I make her write the dog a thank you note?

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