Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sometimes it takes me a while

I think my friends would agree I'm a smart cookie. They'd also probably agree I have my spacey moments. Today was one. 

When grading, I watch TV at the same time. Eye doc said the refocusing may keep me from blindness before 60. I like the show Cash Cab, because if I miss something, it's not crucial. I found the show on the guide and settled in. 

After an HOUR, I realized commercials were being played in Spanish. It wasn't until then I realized I'd turned NUVO TV, where shows and commercials are sometimes in English, sometimes in Spanish. 

So even with commercial breaks occurring every 10-15 minutes, it still took me an hour to clue in. That's right, I can see a misplaced apostrophe at thirty paces, but it takes me an hour to figure out the show I was watching included large stretches in which things were being said in a language I only have Sesame Street level skills. 

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