Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February 4th

Today my mom would have been 70. Even after 12 years gone, it's rare I don't want to ask her a question. How did you do this working parent thing by yourself? Did I give you that same lip the girl gives me so early? Did you want to ship me off to another planet like I want to do with the tween these days? Do you see me in my kids? Those are just the ones I can remember from this week.

Every day I hate that she was cheated out of being a grandmother. Even worse, I hate that my kids were cheated out of a grandparent who would hang on their every word and think they were the center of the universe. 

We happened to be talking about family structure today and what affects it in my Critical Strategies class. That meant we talked about parents, extended families, single parents, etc. I almost lost it in front of my class thinking about my mom. 

It just never gets easier. Miss you always, Mom. 

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