Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dude is obviously single

I'm watching Sunday news show, which I accept is more relaxed and has a bit more fluff. Of course they've got a guy from AT&T hawking Valentine's Day gifts. 

Dude classified his items into those for "new relationships," "long term relationships," and "serious relationships." How the last two don't overlap is a mystery, but that's not my big giggle today. 

In the "new relationships" category Dude had placed something called a "Fit Bit" to wear and communicate all your physical activity to your smart phone or computer. 

Let's think about that. Dude is saying it would be an awesome gift for your new maybe love to open up a device that might as well say out loud "hey, you could stand to lose a few pounds." I don't know who this dude has dated, but I'm fairly certain he's single. In fact, I'm betting he's one of those guys who breaks up with his significant other before any gift giving holiday. The women I know, if given that gift in a new relationship, let's just say Dude might be missing a limb. 

This has been your gift-giving PSA. 

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