Friday, December 21, 2012

I'm paying for this all day long

I do a fair amount of volunteering at the kids' schools, and I'm a Girl Scout leader. I save the class parties for other parents who have judgmental, perfect ways of doing things. The girl's class party was yesterday.

They had a gift exchange of a sort. Apparently, one of the moms had the bright idea to play that game where someone picks a random gift, opens it, next person chooses a random gift, but if second person doesn't like the gift, that person can "trade" gifts with someone who's already chosen a gift.

Did NO ONE see the combination of this game--that I've seen go poorly with ADULTS, resulting in bad feelings--and third graders could, maybe, possibly, end badly? Cuz as my sobbing daughter talked about how one girl influenced another to "steal" her gift, I had more than a bit of a clue.

These people HAVE kids, right?


  1. my girls when in grammar school never had these "grab bag" events, thank goodness. I didn't allow gift giving in my GS troops either-another present for the moms to buy, and there are too many ways it could go bad! I had 4 grab bag events at parties this year...seems to be a new trend..

    1. Grab bags annoy me. Like you said, one more thing I have to buy. We did one last year, but it was an extension of their recycling to make items, and there was no expense involved. Even with those, some girls were upset because they'd intended the gift for one girl while they were making it, and someone else ended up with it. Ugh!