Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Common courtesy--GONE!

I think we can all agree the times, they are TOUGH economically.  Here in this house, we're living that reality with our main breadwinner out of work.  Having still not recovered completely from his three year long stint of joblessness that ended only two years ago, any time of joblessness is to say, definitely unpleasant.  But I gotta say, the lack of common courtesy from employers is ticking me off.

Realizing that many people, in this day and age of instant gratification and the endless internet at their disposal, may apply for jobs they perhaps aren't truly qualified for, because, hey, it's only a click away, I get that not every inquiry will be acknowledged.  I even understand that phone interviews (of which Hubster has had at least three) that don't move to the next cut may not be acknowledged.  I think all the phone interviewers even said he'd only be contacted if he went to the next level.  Fine.  People are busy.  I get it.  But Hubster had one interview that went beyond phone to face-to-face.  It was a GREAT opportunity.  Good hours, stunningly close to home, working days, no weekends.  In short, I really didn't even expect he'd get it, it was just too perfect.

Hubster met, on this interview, the HR Flunky, HR Big, Warehouse Manager, and MR BIG BOSS.  It lasted over an hour, there was laughing, there was discussion of various scenarios.  It went as well as an interview could go.  Near the end, Big Boss let loose two facts, one that Hubster was Candidate Uno, meaning first interviewed.  Hubster acknowledged that could be good OR bad.  Big Boss then conferred with Warehouse Manager and HR Big, and said he'd be contacted EITHER WAY within about two weeks.  Excellent!  Hubster came home and emailed HR Big, thanking him for the interview, hoping to hear from him soon.

Two weeks came and went.  No calls, no emails.  Week three was Thanksgiving week.  Hubster called HR Flunky, leaving a message that he realized their time frame had passed, if there were any other info they needed, he'd be happy to supply it.  No calls, no emails. 

This is what burns me.  Multiple people committed to the "either way, we'll let you know" sentiment.  Even if they "forgot" to call him, his message to HR Flunky should have generated an email immediately afterward.  Given this day and age of email, three sentences could have both informed Hubster he was no longer in the running and stopped us from hoping.  In this day and age of people hoping to get jobs, wouldn't it be nice if those in charge of hiring exhibited common courtesy?  All I know is this company talked in the interview about how they were a "family company" but I just see them as a RUDE company.

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