Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What I've learned about my household

Now that my husband is out of work, he's in charge on the night I teach some late classes.  I arrive home about 9:30, when things should be calmed down, kids sequestered in rooms.  These are the things I've noticed:
  • I am the only person in my household who can turn OFF an electric appliance and/or light switch when exiting a room.  I came home last night, and the kitchen and living room were ablaze, even though no one was anywhere near them.
  • Paper towels can only be replenished by Mom.  Who knew?  They all know where the paper towels are kept, yet I keep walking in to an empty spindle.
  • My daughter actually does homework better with her dad than she does with me.  With me there is much lamenting, keening, and rending of cloth.  With Dad, she just does it.  SO not fair.
  • When it comes to meals, my kids can talk my husband into going out with little to no effort.  It does not help that left to his own devices, he would eat fast food every day of his life.  They ate at Cici's last night (Blech!), even though I'd said he needed to MAKE dinner. At least a coupon was used.
  • The dog was the only one happy to see me.
Please, God, let him go back to work SOON!  


  1. I am in the same boat right now and I hear ya sista!!!

  2. LOL...I am telling you the brothers need to talk! Actually, Jeff has been doing well (except for meal planning) being the stay at home dad. He does all of my errands, grocery shops (although NEVER buys any sort of meat during his trips to the grocery store??), cleans (on his terms, not necessarily what needs cleaning the most), does wash, goes to movies, shops at the sporting good stores for unnecessary crap,....all while he should be looking for a DAMN JOB! ;)

  3. I would never let Scott grocery shop! I coupon, and he would mess up the system, which, by the way, Megan is becoming adept at. Even before couponing, though, he'd come home with 1,000 snack items, but no real MEAL solutions. Cleaning isn't in his vocabulary, and when I rant, he does only part of it, usually using the wrong items. Schlepping? Excellent at that! He's been looking for a job like a madman. I think he wants out too, hee hee.