Friday, October 19, 2012

He needs more training

I've handled the morning routine for our kids for the last few years, because the hubbster has been working nights.  Allowing the nearly unconscious to perform morning duties--which he has a few times when I've been out of town or incapacitated--equals bad things happening, like critical items left behind and strange items ending up in lunches. 

The problem with this system?  I am a HORRIFIC morning person.  I seriously don't perk up until nighttime, and if I stay up past midnight, I'm UP until 3am.  I'm convinced this is a genetic condition, as I've been this way since childhood.  There may or may not STILL be a nickname of "Sunshine" floating around and used by certain people when referring to me due to witnessing my epic bad mood in the mornings, AS A SIX YEAR OLD.  As a result, I have the morning routine scheduled down. to. the. second. internoodles.  My children are awakened with precisely enough time to get their crap together, throw food in their mouths, and get the heck out the door.  This provides maximum sleepage. For ME.

Since he was changing his sleeping habits, I laid off a bit, but I was secretly thrilled to share the morning routine and maybe sleep in a day here and there.  Today was supposed to be his first day totally ON.  It was not the strongest of showings.
  • Lights were blazing in multiple rooms, because no one was reminded to turn them off (Seriously, what is UP with that?  Does anyone else not know how the light switches work?)
  • He drove both of them (I rarely do, as we're only three blocks away, and exercise is good for them.  Yeah, I invoke my whole "I had to walk a mile. . . both ways" clause from childhood.)
  • I heard suspicious cheers, then more suspicious shushing coming from the kitchen.  The Informant--Brownie--told me with little questioning that Dad had put Hershey bars in their lunches!  That's right, full sized Hershey bars, not Halloween sized, big giant ones.  Anyone else know how this will turn out?  I'll give you a hint, the kids will come home jacked up on sugar, not having eaten the rest of their lunch (God knows what was in them), because they have precious little time to eat.  That's another post, though.
Hear that soft banging sound?  It's my head against the table.  Please, please, pray he gets a job soon, internoodles. 

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