Monday, November 19, 2012

That doesn't seem right

I get recipes shazammed to my inbox by a couple of sites, and I like many of them.  I rarely attempt them as they are, but they're a good basic starting point for coming up with ideas.  Sometimes the pictures accompanying the recipe make me drool all over my keyboard.  Some days, however, I'm thinking "THAT'S the one you went with?" while looking at the picture.  Today, Kraft's site sent a less than pleasant looking piece of chicken splayed out for the world to see.  Its title was "Tasty Bistro Chicken" written at the top.

Now, first, if you're putting the word "tasty" right in the title, I'm suspicious.  Why tell me it's tasty?  Wouldn't I know that if I tried it?  Are you trying to negate aforementioned not wholly pleasing picture?  I cry foul! Oh, I didn't even plan that.  Cry foul? Fowl? Get it?  Oh, I amuse myself.


What exactly is it about said piece of chicken and/or the recipe that makes it "bistro" if you will?  Aren't bistros places to eat and unwind?  Is the chicken made in some way that I will be immediately relaxed upon tasting it? If it's made in my home, it can't be made IN a bistro, so that's out.  Bistro is French, so is there something inherently French about the recipe?  Inquiring minds want to know.  If you've got any insight, bring it people!

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