Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I get to play Marco Polo EVERY day

To recap, I have a blind mini chocolate poodle. He's done okay with it, mainly when he wants to. He knows when the kids are home that all he has to do is stand at the edge of the couch or bed and bark for one of them to come running to assist him up or down. He sticks close to walls and--I think on purpose--every now and again bonks his head into an open door or closet. This makes the children pick him up and coo over him. Both kids have told me, however, if Coco hears me coming in the door, he will trot, without mishap, through three rooms. I'm sensing a drama queen.

Coco has his own service dog in Cally, my uncle's white German Shepard. She likes to heard him in or out. For the last week, though, I've sensed she's unhappy with her role, as I've found her actively blocking Coco from going places. 

We also have a doggy door so the pooches can come and go at will into the fenced back yard. Neither dog is a digger, so it works. For the last few days, for some reason, Coco has decided to venture out much further in the yard than he has since becoming blind. Previously, he only went about three feet from the door and the short deck, easily coming back in. Many days in the past week, I'll realize I hear Coco barking, look in the yard, and he's at least 10-12 feet out. The problem is, I think he gets turned around and can't remember which way is back in. That means I get to yell through the door, "Coco! Come on, boy! Over here!" Until he trots to the deck, jumps up and comes in. Fun.

Today was even worse, because Cally heard all the nonsense and went out there. I don't know if she was trying to protect Coco from running into the deck or what, but she kept herding him AWAY from the deck, not toward. So I had to go to another door (doggy door is semi-permanently wedged into an unmoveable location) to go out and rescue Coco.

I'm not even fond of negotiating my kids' disagreements. Now I have to negotiate the DOGS'? I'm not happy.

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