Saturday, March 16, 2013


Yep, you heard that right, I'm apparently RICH!  Well, our household is, at least according to a columnist in the Chicago Tribune last week.  Discussing taxes and tax filing, one Jim Gallagher noted that "Tax preparation filing might be the only area where it's better to be a working stiff than to be rich.  For most working folks, tax preparation is cheap or free. . . if your income is under $57,000. . . "

Uh-huh.  $57,000 indicates a "working stiff" so by extension, since the comparison was to being "rich" I'm assuming Gallagher thinks those who make $57,001 and up are "rich" indeed.  My questions, if Jim Gallagher were sitting in front of me are as follows:
  1. Did you take a vow of POVERTY, man?! In Chicago, $57,000 can barely sustain one person!
  2. Are you eating Ramen noodles and baloney every night to do that sustaining?
  3. Is this a trick by mainstream media to make those who make $57,000 feel flush?
  4. This isn't so much a question as a thanks for giving me an all-out chortle this morning.
I'm sure there are many of you out there who are amazed by this new knowledge, so go out there and live it up!  Celebrate YOUR new status as nouveau riche!

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